Customizing the Theme

The Lagunita WordPress theme was designed to be customized, making it easy for you to create a site that is both uniquely yours and consistent with Stanford’s home page.

The bulk of the customization is done on the Appearance > Customize admin page. From this page you can customize:

  • the site’s branding (whether or not to display the Stanford brand bar and / or Stanford’s universal footer);
  • the site’s logo (optional);
  • the site’s title and tagline (optional);
  • the banner image and caption displayed on your site’s homepage;
  • what your home page displays – a static page or your most recent posts;
  • the layout of your home page, author pages and listing pages, and the default layouts of pages and posts;
  • what information is displayed on author pages; and
  • various theme options.

You can also specify a few things on the Appearance > Lagunita Options page, including:

  • your Google Analytics tracking id;
  • the version of Font Awesome you’d like to use (the Cardinal Info Box widget uses Font Awesome icons); and
  • custom CSS to make small changes to the look of the site.

Lagunita Custom theme

If you’re familiar with developing WordPress themes and would like to develop a customized version of the Lagunita WordPress theme, the Lagunita Custom theme is a child theme based on Lagunita, ready to be customized. The Lagunita Custom theme is delivered together with Lagunita, so if you’ve deployed Lagunita, you already have Lagunita Custom.

If you would like technical information on how Lagunita and Lagunita Custom are built, or advice on how to code Lagunita Custom, please open a HelpSU ticket.