In addition to WordPress’s standard collection of widgets, the Lagunita WordPress theme provides the following custom widgets:

  • Lagunita Author – displays information about an author in the sidebar. You can specify what information is displayed. You can also specify whether to display the widget on author pages and / or on post pages by the author.
  • Lagunita Hero Image – displays the featured image of a page or post in the sidebar, or a default image if no featured image is available.
  • Lagunita Info Box – displays a Font Awesome icon and associated text.
  • Lagunita Page Nav – If a page is part of a “family,” i.e. if it has a parent or children, display the entire family of pages as a nav.
  • Lagunita Social Links – displays icons for Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, YouTube, Instagram and / or Futurity that link to your page on those sites.
  • Lagunita Well – displays a text box in the sidebar highlighted with a background color and special headline formatting.